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Both resorts are ones of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. They attracts tourists by amazing beaches, exited mountains and pure water.

Corsica is a real paradise for those who like fresh wind and active vacation. There are some national parks and wonderful chestnut trees. Research of Corsican trees can be held by foot or by horse - there are many possibilities.

Moreover, Corsica is famous for its gastronomic tours. The island is best known for the tradition of making original food with different kinds of seafood and fish, fresh vegetables and chestnuts.

Sardinia is more French island. It is colorific charming resort. The main things of honor are wonderful beaches and beautiful underwater world. Moreover, the hotels are comfortable and not so expensive. There is a variety of nightclubs and restaurants.

One of the most popular activity among tourists is diving. The sea near the coast is full of different livings. The water is clear and there is a fine visibility.
Beach vacation and diving on Sardinia should be added by sightseeing. The most interesting places are charming churches Sassari, limestones cliffs and Neptunium cave in Algero suburbs. Moreover, some people like ancient Roman ruins in Olbia and buildings of Middle Ages in Castelsardo. Distances on Sardinia are not long and excursions are not tiring.

As for the local cuisine, Sardinia is famous for high quality seafood and fish as well. In addition, you should try a delicious white wine made of local grapes. Bakery products and ice cream are also have many fans, especially ice cream of unusual taste like lavender or chestnut.
You will be satisfied by spending time on Corsica and Sardinia.


Corsica is a fourth island in size of Mediterranean Sea. 

It is colorific island and considered as a “pearl” of the Mediterranean area. 

The touristic attraction of the Corsica is a wonderful sea with turquoise water. 

The main resorts are Calvi, Ajaccio, Bonifaccio and Bastia



Calvi is a colorific Italian resort. It is a hometown of Columbus. The main landmark of the town is a citadel surrounded by Genoese walls. Shopping fans should go to Wilson boulevard where there are a lot of wonderful shops.


Ajaccio is a town where Napoleon was born. That is why, there are many memorials and portraits of Bonaparte. Ajaccio was quickly developing after the World War II. Nowadays
Ajaccio is considered as a main town on Corsica. There are many trade streets, services are of a high quality. Tourism in Ajaccio consists of beach, cultural and fishing vacations.


Bonifacio is a vivid town on the south part of Corsica. It was built on limestone cliffs, so it is white. Bonifacio consists of two parts: port with a marina bay and the Upper town ( Old town) with all landmarks. The most beautiful are ancient fortress and sailor’s graveyard.


Bastia is one of the oldest town on the island. It is also a commercial center of Corsica. To feel the whole atmosphere of this wonderful town you should walk on the main square - Saint Nicolas Square. It is giant and the most popular place of local people.

Corsican cuisine

Corsican cuisine is presented by the variety of high quality meat and sausages. Moreover, Corsica is famous for its delicious cheese. Local restaurants provide fish and seafood in different ways of cooking and serving. At the local market you can find many kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.


Tourism on the island is divided into two directions. Firstly, people come there for spending time on the beach and doing sailing sport. Secondly, they prefer walking up to mountains.
On the island there are historical landmarks connected with Napoleon’s life. Moreover, there are many beautiful bay and harbors.  


Sardinia is an Italian island in Mediterranean Sea. It is the second island in size of this area.
It is the place where you can mix beach vacation and interesting excursions.

The main part of the island is taken by national and archeological parks. Sardinia’s south coast is famous for long Sandy beaches, palm trees and pine trees, pacific and crystal sea. Moreover, there are many high quality hotels

Quintessence of BEAUTY

Sardinia - quintessence of Mediterranean beauty. It is loved by swimming fans, boat sailors, windsurfers, hikers and rock climbers. The warmest month, August, is full of such tourists.
Inside part of the island is so interesting and original. You can know a lot of local traditions and habits being in the town center. 


As for attractions, there are many aqua parks. There you can find water slides for both adults and children. For golf lovers there are some luxurious golf clubs, most of them are located in Pula district. Also, some more golf clubs are Arenas, Pevero and Is Molas known by many sportsmen all over the world.



Those who like active life should go to the capital of the island - Caliari. It is a wonderful place with a huge botanical garden includes more than 1000 plants. In addition, there a plenty of nightclubs and bars. The most famous among them is Caffe Degli Spiriti - fashion and stylish place. The best nightclub on the whole island is Billionaire. It is located in Porto Cervo - colorific little resort town.

local cuisine

Sardinia is also attractive for tourists because of its local cuisine. It consists of Italian food like pasta and pizza. However, you should try delicious unique dishes served in any trattoria and cafes. The cuisine is based on primary and healthy food: high quality meat, seafood dishes, and many kinds of cheese, olive oil and wine. Fruits and vegetables are always fresh and tasty; they are growing under the sunshine all the time.


Sardinia is a perfect place for any kind of tourism. There takes place a relax vacation sitting on the beach, outdoor activities with excursions to local landmarks and market, and gourmandize. Sardinia will be liked by everyone.






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