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French Riviera is a paradise for vacation as for many tourists all over the world. Another name is Code d’-Azur. Code d’-Azur is famous for pure water, soft climate, luxurious hotels and perfect service. Walking by yacht, you enjoy the colorific scenery and laconism of little houses and pleasure villas along the coast.

Many civilizations influenced on the development of French Riviera. First signs of people existing were founded exactly in this area. Moreover, Phoenicians dinted there: they ran the first trade factories in the coast and plant the first olive tree and the first grape tree.

The high developing of local cities was during the Roman Empire. Romans developed wine production and agriculture, they brought there the Christianity.
The Golden Age of the Riviera was between two world wars. The Riviera was given a name - Code d’-Azur. Its towns - Nice, Cannes and Antibes were becoming into the pleasure resorts. There famous artists and rich people were living. They were attracted by the beauty of nature and sea.

However, sea is not a main thing for tourists. People from the whole world come there for parties and attractions in local casino, bars and restaurants. Art fans should go to San-Pol-de-Vanse. It is a museum town of modern art. For outdoor activities fans – Es village popular for Nietzsche path and the most beautiful view at the Mediterranean Sea.

Main directions for traveling in this area are Nice and Cannes. They are wonderful towns for luxury vacation. Nice delights in color and purity of water, beaches and fountains. Cannes are famous for annual cinema festival. The first festival was held in 1946.

Monaco is one part of the trip along the French Riviera on the yacht. The Principality Monaco is best known for casino located in Monte-Carlo. Also, Monaco is favorite place for shopping fans.

Travelling along Code d’-Azur allow you to enjoy the local cuisine: lavender and rosemary ice cream, oysters and mussels, salads and herbs. Moreover, there are luxurious restaurants with delicious lamb and beef. Going to local market, you can find tasty figs and berries, olives and tomatoes.

Someone who likes perfumes should go to the little town called Grace. There every tourist get to know the history of French fragrances and buy anything in Galimard factory.

French Riviera gives an opportunity to spend time with children. There more than 20 theme parks and aqua parks located in different towns along the Code d’-Azur. Among them, the most popular is Le Village des Fous. It is included many water attractions and water slide for both children and adults.

Charming sunsets, exotic plants and narrow old streets – French Riviera gains hearts of each tourists.  


Saint Tropez


Saint Tropez – colorific Provence port town that famous for its cinematograph of XX century.

Wonderful pinewood forests and sandy beaches are fringing Saint Tropez half-island. It can be gone round on foot.

Saint Tropez and its suburbs have wild sandy beaches and private equipped beaches. They offer opportunities for yachting, windsurfing and water skiing.

The most iconic beach is luxurious Plage de Pampelonne.

The beach takes six km of coastal zone that is the main town landmark at the same time.

For shopping fans, there is a long street with centers of famous fashion houses and designers.  



The principality Monaco is an example of true taste and sophisticated zest for life. The main interests of tourists are luxurious yachts, casino and “Formula-1”. In addition, Monaco is loved by shopping fans: in Monte-Carlo there are many expensive boutiques.

In Monaco, there are many museums such as Oceanic museum, Stamps and Money museum, Musee Naval de Monaco. One of the most interesting for tourists is an Exhibition of old cars owned by the prince.

Although Monaco is associated with luxury and casino, there are a lot of beautiful national parks. The most visited is Princess Grace Botanical Garden. There you can find wonderful plants and flowers, enjoy calm and charming atmosphere.

There are ones of the best restaurants on the Code d’-Azur. They are famous for the perfect wine and high quality seafood. Moreover, local cuisine consists of both French and Italian dishes. Locals are usually considered as a healthy food eaters. There are many fish dishes, vegetable dishes with eggplants and onions. The most popular dish is gnocchi – small potato balls with the cheese inside.  



White and sky-blue - these two words are usually said about Antibes. It is colorific town with flowers smell in the air. Seafront consists of many different cafes and restaurants included tasty dishes of seafood and fish.

From the coast opens a wonderful view at the biggest yacht port in French Riviera.
Besides, Antibes is full of landmarks. The most famous is Fort Carre of XVIII century.

Moreover, the Grimaldi Castle is also best known. Nowadays, it is a museum of Picasso and other artists masterpieces. 

Next to Fort Carre there are five ports offering services of water and sport attractions: 
underwater swimming, all kinds of sailing, underwater fishing and fishing in open sea, 
sea excursions,  waterskiing,  hydroplanes, parasail and etc. 



Cannes is famous for its luxury, elegance and natural beauty. Moreover, it became such popular because of annual cinema festival. You should visit the celebrities place in the town - stars avenue. There are many imprints of world celebrities. The atmosphere is fantastic.

Besides, one more popular direction is Lerin islands. There should go by yacht, view is amazing: turquoise water, colorific nature. Also, Lerin islands connect with a Hollywood star - Leonardo Dicaprio. For outdoor activity fans there is an excursion to old monastery. Earlier it was a place of executions.

To try a local cuisine you should visit Chez Helen restaurant, a vegan place with delicious dishes, and Grill and Wines restaurant, where serve amazing French food included frogs legs.

You should go to bar des Stars for delicious cocktails, good music and theme parties in Cannes. Those who wish playing in board games, roulette and gaming machine should go to casino Le Croisette. 



Nice is one the most beautiful towns of French Riviera. It is best known of the historical monuments, colorific scenery and developed tourism. Nice is a coastal town: on one side – the Mediterranean Sea, on the other side – French houses located on the mountains cliffs.
The most prestigious night clubs are located in the old town called Vieux Nice. You should be well-dressed because the security of the place is strict.
Young people prefer going to L'Ambassade. It differs by attractive design and variety of night performances.
Le Privilege nightclub looks like a tropical island, its halls are decorated with exotic plants and animals furs. There is a calmer atmosphere and tourists come there to relax.
Someone who is going to visit Nice in July can watch a wonderful jazz festival. It is held annually. The most popular jazz musicians come there from all over the world.
Being in Nice you should try a local dish called cannelloni – pasta with frogs’ legs. Moreover, Nice is famous for its ice cream. There are many different tastes: melon, olive, tangerine, violet, bubble gum, beer and Cola.
Although, Nice is a vacation place of elite and rich persons for many years, the town becomes much available for medium class tourists.    






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