An Overview of the World's Top Yacht Charter Destinations


Italian Riviera is a perfect place for those who like soft climate and amazing nature. Italian Riviera is a narrow coastline between Ligurian Sea and mountains. It attracts tourists by the purity of water and clean beaches. Beaches are “protected” by mountains cliffs from the back.

The most beautiful park in Italian Riviera is Cinque Terre. It is huge and there many paths to walk. On the territory of park there is a “way of love” – a wonderful passage that is included in the world’s landmarks.

Main towns of the Italian Riviera are Genoa, Portofino, Rapallo and San-Remo. Genoa is a capital of the Ligurian region. It is a wonderful port full of historical memorials. The most attractive place there is an old town. There are narrow interesting streets, luxurious palaces and cathedrals.

Portofino is popular direction among rich and wealthiest people. It is located in 15 km from Genoa. It is a small and colorific town and it is called as one of Wonder of the World because of its natural reservoir. Portofino is green town with many wonderful flowers and plants. There are many luxurious shops and high quality service restaurants.

Rapallo is one of the most famous town of Italian Riviera. It is located in 30 km from Genoa. The town has a thousand years history and there are a plenty of historical buildings and landmarks. In addition, Rapallo became popular because of famous people living there. Exactly in this town, Nietzsche started on of his famous works.
The claim to fame of Rapallo is Tigulio Castle. It was built in the middle of XVI to protect from pirates.

San-Remo is a lovely place of aristocrats since XIX century. Moreover, Russians Emperors of Romanov family loved going there and walking along the sea sidewalk. In 1913 there was built a Christian church especially for Russians.

Nowadays, San-Remo is pleasure resort with many bars and restaurants, luxurious casino and nightclubs where both day and night where the social life is. Moreover, San-Remo is a town of holidays: fashion show, flowers festival, tennis and sailing competition and so on are held all-year.

Italian Riviera cuisine is a simplicity mixed with a high quality. It consists of meat and seafood. The main wealth of the region is olive and olive oil. Liguarian olive oil is amber-colored with a mild tasty flavor. Moreover, local people like eating pasta with special seasoning: basil, pine nuts, cheese, garlic and olive oil. Everyone should try there a white wine. Locals say that this wine is the most delicious one in the world. 




Sea around the Capri Island is deep and pure. At first sight, it becomes clearer why Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in Mediterranean area.

There professional drivers and snorkeling fans like spending their time. To the main town of the island located on the hill you can achieve by funicular or going on the serpentine.

There are great opportunities for shopping, walking through the town and visit the viewing point.

Our recommendations
Organize a trip to Agropoli or go to Vesuvius by helicopter.

Canzone del Mare - www.lacanzonedelmare.com/en/events
Da Paolino (Lemon Tree) - www.paolinocapri.com/en 
L’Olivo - www.capripalace.com/it/ristoranti/ri storante-olivo.html
Lucullio Terrace - www.caesar-augustus.com/en/restaurant
JK Place - www.jkcapri.com 



For many years Positano has developed a reputation of on the most elegant and well-known resort on the Amalfitana coast. The old part of the town saved typical sea village features with verandas with an exit to the sea, houses of cube shape distanced from each other by narrow streets and stairs.

From the yacht board opens the view of town and coast: colorful houses decorated with majolica, green mountains, oranges and olives stands and wonderful turquoise sea water (huge yachts can stand in Positano Port, just stand on the anchor). It is a great place for walking on the coast and sea.

Our recommendations
Visit Roman Villa and Saint Maria Assunta Cathedral decorated with majolica.

San Pietro Hotel patio and Le Sirenuse Hotel patio.
They are both considered as the most popular place for having lunch near the water.  

Hotel Le Sirenuse - www.sirenuse.it
Hotel Il San Pietro - www.ilsanpietro.it
Hotel Eden Roc - www.edenrocpositano.com 



Sorrento is located on the colorific “nature” terrace that sharply plunges to the sea. There is no vanity and crowds of people. One of the main advantages of Corrento – the nature itself: sceneries, sea, plants and healthy air. In this wonderful place, grapevines are grown for producing wine. Also, there are olives and citruses of a high quality.
Citruses in Sorrento are everywhere: they scent local places by amazing smell; furthermore, lemon is a symbol of the town.

Walking through the Sorrento, you should visit Piazza Tasso square where there is a statue of heroic victim Antonio, protector of Sorrento. Moreover, should be visited a memorial of Torcvato Tasso made in XIX century by sculptor Carli and Chiesa di S.Maria del Carmine Church built in XIV century.

Our recommendations
Walking through calm and uncrowded Sorrento. If you are in the evening there, you should be in the central town street called Via Corso where there are many bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.


Grand Hotel La Pace - www.ghlapace.com
Don Alfonso - www.donalfonso.com
Le Relais Blu - www.relaisblu.com
The Grand Hotel Angiolieri - www.grandhotelangiolieri.it 



Amalfi – calm and colorific resort place with soft climate and wonderful nature. There are both hotels of modern style and ones of the oldest in Italy. Amalfi is a “cocktail” of centuries-long history, scenery beauty, wonderful sea and archeological landmarks.

One of the main historian landmarks is Duomo Cathedral built in VIII century. It dominates above the central town square.

Located nearby the Chiostro del Paradiso Cathedral and the Museum of handmade sculptures are sighs of amazing past of the town. The armory building from the seaside – a landmark of sea past of Amalfi.

Our recommendations

Amalfi Port is attractive by its unusualness. It is a lovely place for walking along the coast: there are beautiful narrow streets, local cafes where a tourist can see after town life and try local delicate – strong liquer Limoncello or bakery food.  



After charming Amalfi, you can go up to the mountains and go through lemons forests to Ravello. The old part of the towm in located in 30 minutes by car from Amalfi.

Ravello – town of music with romantic gardens, cool avenues and Middle Ages architecture. Ravello seems like one huge veranda somehow formed on the cliff at a height of 350 m above the sea level.

Ravello is a town of artists and actors. It was a muse for such famous person as Jovanni Boccaccio, Richard Wagner, William Turner. Every summer there classical music concerts are held in Rufolo Gardens.

Our recommendations

From veranda slopes open wonderful views of Amalfi and Minori. Try to feel the romantic atmosphere of this town and enjoy walking through palaces, gardens, villas Cimbrone and Rufolo and cathedrals located on hills.  



Lipari Islands are heritage of UNESCO and they are famous for unusual light blue seawater and savage scenery. Lipari is the main and the most popular island of the archipelago. On the shore, there is a little village with cozy houses and the cathedral located on the rock.

There is also an Archeological museum – one of the most valuable in whole Europe. White sandy beaches and pure water make to think that you are on the south part of the Pacific Ocean.

Our recommendations 

Lipari Castle located in the heart of the historian center of the island. It was built in XVI century by Spanish. There are ruins of ancient buildings into the citadel.

On Lipari there is a famous thermal resort San Calogero. 



Wonderful island Filicudi – the most ancient of seven islands, it is located in 16, 5 miles from Lipari. There are three settlements with 300 people. On Filicudi Island there are many grots, one of them is Bue Marino, also famous as a monster living.

The island was formed by three deads volcanos and was named "Phoenicodes" because of numerous ferns.

The main village of Filicudi is quite small and is located on the east coast. Its small port is protected only from southwest winds.

From the northwest coast, you enjoy the view on colorific volcano obelisk – La Canna. Its height is 71 m. It is surrounded by shoal and it is a perfect place for diving.

Our recommendations 

Visit Grotte del Bue Marino and cliffy bays on the northwest of the island.  

Vulcano Island Italy


Vulcano is considered as the most visited island of the archipelago. “Vulcano” comes from the name of ancient Roman Olympian blacksmith, Vulcan. Earlier, people thought that his gigantic blacksmith’s pipes come out to the surface there.

Vulcano Island has the form of some volcanos, one of them is Fossa and it is still active. The last eruption was in 1888; however, the volcano sometimes shows its activity by spouting steam and sulfur vapor – fumaroles.

Our recommendations

Vulcano is famous for its luxurious beaches, thermal springs and sulfuric mud baths. Enjoy colorific mountains: Monte Aria, Monte Sarachena and Monte Lucia. They are cones of strato-volcanos with a big crater and Vulcanello peak that is connected with the island by narrow passage.
On Siren cliff, you find a beach with fine black sand. On the left side, there is a Monster valley. There are cliffs of cooled off lava and because of that bizzare forms look like monsters formed.   



Panarea – one of the smallest islands of Lipari Islands. It looks like a postcard: green scenery, colorful flowers and white cozy houses.

The island is cut up by serpentine on which small electric cars are going.

Our recommendations 

Raya Hotel - www.hotelraya.it 

You can enjoy the wonderful views sitting on the veranda of this luxurious hotel with a glass of amazing wine.

Being on Panarea, do not forget to buy local souvenir – caftan of batik with some prints those are sold near the port.  



Ischia is a wonderful island. It is famous for its subtropical flora and has many landmarks.

Fasting in the port, you are in the heart of local life of the Mediterranean area.

There are many restaurants and bars, good shops on the colorific shore.

Our recommendations
On the other side of the island, there is a resort town with mineral springs – San Angelo. It is calmer than a port; it is a perfect place for walking. There you can enjoy quiet atmosphere, pure sea air or just order a glass of wine in any bar.

Mazzatorre Resort & Spa - www.mezzatorre.it
Il Moresco & Spa - www.ilmoresco.it 
Albergo San Montano - www.sanmontano.com 



Hidden in a tiny creek, out of sight and almost inaccessible is an ancient fishing village that has become an international symbol of the Italian Riviera`s style and class. Portofino has always been the resort of choice for chic Italian families, who return year after year.

Portofino`s stunning town square and harbour, surrounded by brightly painted houses, have made Portofino the world's most photographed port. It is rustic yet elegant, provincial yet cosmopolitan, relaxed yet bustling. Stunning villas of the rich and famous are visible all along the hilly coast, with views to the rocky shores of the Ligurian Sea. During high season, many of the world's most expensive yachts will be anchored just outside the port.

Away from the bustle of the village, the Portofino Natural Park offers relaxing walks with excellent views. The hike to the church above the town is a great way to see the sights and build up your appetite. Underwater, the protected reef offers red coral reefs, steep cliffs and ancient shipwrecks.






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