Yachts from 35 to 45 meters LONG



YACHTS FROM 35 TO 45 meters LONG

Yachts of 35-45 meters long are suitable for people loving luxurious life. Such cruisers look fantastic. They have everything you need to travel and relax. We have more than 10 types of them. The rental price starts from 90000 EUR at low season and 100000 EUR at high season.

Yacht of this length has a great advantage – their price is lower than a price of longer vessels, but their appearance is quite similar. Charters of 35-45 meters are the perfect option for the company of 12 people.

JetSetYachts provides cruisers of various makers. They are Sanlorenzo, Palumbo, Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, Admiral, etc.

What yacht should you choose according to:

1. Number of guests and crew. The smallest number of guests is 8 and of crew is 6. There are yachts called AURELIA and SOIREE. These cruisers are perfectly produced and have high quality service. The biggest ones in this length category are FUSION and SANDS. They hold more about 12 guests and 5-7 persons in staff.

2. Year built. For some clients the youngest yacht is the better it works. JetSetYachts provides vessels of different year built and in perfect condition. The oldest ones are ELINOR and AWOL, they were made in 2009. However, such models have their modern versions of 2019. Both versions are in a ideal condition and ready to go.

3. Appearance and upper deck. These two points are ones of the most important for each client. Our company provides not only practical vessel, but also good-looking. Look more closely at LADY DIA and MUCHOS MAS. These two cruisers have modern design and wide area of upper deck where you can relax and have sunbaths. Moreover, for classic design lovers there are such yachts as AMADEUS and MOKA.

To sum up, if you want to rent a yacht charter of 35-45 meters long, we provide many of them. You will find the most suitable for you.  




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