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JetSetYachts provides luxurious yachts rental and well-done route in different directions. Taking yacht charter, you will be full of vivid impressions and memories!

Advantages of yacht rentals

Would you like to enjoy wonderful views of clear seawater? Would you like to relax watching the sunset? Would you like to have unforgettable memories? Rent a private yacht is a perfect option for you!

Yacht charter with JetSetYachts gives you:
- Amazing views of the sea and nature. Going by yacht charter you can see wonderful mountains and hills, pure water and pinewood trees.
- Selection of route and an opportunity to make it by yourself. If you prefer making your own way of traveling, you just need to arrange yachts rent.
- Helping in arrangement. Our company helps you in choosing yachts charters, finding places to visit and where to eat, booking attractions. Moreover, if you wish, we organizes a celebration on the yachts charter board: wedding, birthday and anniversary party.
- No need to be in anxiety about the place to berting.
- New meetings on the vessel board during the trip if you take a group tour
- Taking some kinds of sports: going by water ski, surfing or diving from the yacht charter.
Our company provides private liners with comfortable cabins, high-quality navy and full range of services.

How to rent a luxury yacht?
We provide some information of rental a charter. There are some rules:
1. You call us and ask to book a yacht in a certain place (ex. In Monaco)
2. Manager clears up some details: deadline, type of the craft, number of people are you going with, your preference in direction, food and drinks, and your budget.
3. After analyzing the information, manager checks up which cruisers are not booked on the dates and make a presentation of each of them. Then, send it to you
4. You need to choose a vessel, ask existing questions and pay in advance for booking.
5. After gaining an advanced payment, manager books yacht. Then you are get an information of your trip
6. You arrive to the point of destination. According to the instruction, picking up after booking, you should find your cruiser and captain. Your trip is starting!
7. After your vacation is over, you are arrived to the final point. Pay attention: the first and the last point can be different!
Follow the instruction and you will be safe and satisfied.

Chater route  
Renting yachts you can choose a route or make your own one. Among all the most popular is Mediterranean area. Going by a private yacht, you will enjoy beautiful views of crystal water, visit cozy coastal towns and islands of French and Italian Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia.
Trips are over 5 days while you can relax, visit interesting places and landmarks, entertain and go shopping. Besides that, you can order a chief to your yacht board and he will make fresh fish and seafood for you.
Moreover, we created a vessel route to Maldives Islands. It is a luxurious vacation: turquoise water, high-quality service both on the yacht board and in the hotels.

Private yachts
Our Company provides some types of cruisers corresponding to high standards and expectations of the ideal vacation. Here you can get familiar with all of them. 




25 - 35 meters


35 - 45 meters


45 - 55 meters


55 - 65 meters


Superyachts are designed to demonstrate the superiority and capabilities of their respective owners. The ship of a dream should stand out on the raid and amaze the imagination.

Megayacht is a challenge to the elements! Personal territory not subject to any sanctions and vicissitudes of fate. Unlike villas and palaces, a yacht can be anchored at any time, you can escape to the ocean on it, continuing casual communication among your chosen ones.

20 pennants of the highest rank, stars of the first magnitude. Among the proud titles are: Dilbar, Eclipse, Luna, Madam Gu, Serene, Ocean Victory, Sailing Yaght “A”, Palladium, Here Comes The Sun, Motor Yacht “A”, Nirvana, Anastasia, Rahil, Tango, Quantum Blue, Ice, Graceful, Kibo, Barbara, Galactica Super Nova.


price policy

As you know, chartering a yacht is a luxurious pleasure. Yachts cost varies greatly. The cheapest cruiser costs 44000 EUR at low season and 49000 EUR at high season. The most expensive vessels take 1200000 EUR at low season and 1300000 EUR at high season.

What factors have the influence on the renting price?

First of all, it is a type of the yacht. JetSetYachts provides our clients more than 25 kinds of different lengths. They starts from 25 meters, the biggest ones are more than 65 meters long. Impressive! Such long vessel even has a place for car parking.

Secondly, the size of the charter. It usually contains length, height and weight. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to take cue from the number of cabins. In reliance on these points, the place of mooring also has impact on the price.

Thirdly, one of the most important part of the yacht is a level of comfort. While choosing a yacht charter, a client usually pay a lot of attention on the appearance, external and internal. The more high quality equipment there is, the more expensive the vessel is. Each cruiser has a certain number of cabins, crew and the level of living experience. For example, one of the longest yacht rendered by our company is Phoenix 2. This cruiser has seven cabins, 28 people in staff and the highest level of service.

What is more, that there are many factors influenced on the pricy policy of yacht rent.
Here they are:

- A year of production. The oldest vessel is, the lower price it takes;
- Last minute – is a possibility of taking non-demanded cruiser in a short period of time before the beginning of rent;
- Seasonality. Price at low season and at high season differs. For example, Ocean Paradise of 55 meters long costs from 242900 EUR to 282600 EUR;
- Extra charges of yacht renting with a crew. Such charges take 20-40% of the vessel purchase and they are usually paid in the form of deposit account. Extra charges include fuel material due to actual discharge, nutrition, parking payment, electricity and extra fuel used in diving power pack working and motor powered things working, additional options of diving, fishing, swimming instructors and tour guides;
- Other payments not included into purchase determined by standard conditions.

To sum up, JetSetYachts provides a variety of luxurious vessels: from 25 to 65 meters and more long. Each client can find a yacht charter according to his budget.  




Yacht chartering has never been easier with JetSetYachts.

You can call us of fill in our charter yacht form to charter your yacht.

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